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Robert Laffont Bouquins NiL éditions Julliard Seghers
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Publication: April 2014
Format: 1 x 177 mm
Pages: 128
ISBN: 2-8411-1747-2
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Pierre-Louis BASSE
Voici les 11 buts qui ont fait de Pierre-Louis Basse un fou du foot ; à l'occasion de la Coupe du monde au Brésil, un superbe autoportrait en forme de ballon rond.
Each football lover keeps, in a corner of their heart, a secret list: that of their favorite goals. But these goals sometimes have nothing to do with the technical prowess of an unprecedented achievement. No, those goals are tucked at the heart of personal history. A sports journalist for over 30 years, a major influence in football, Pierre-Louis Basse commented on thousands of goals. He knows better than anybody that they always elevate the unexpected and the miraculous. Herein are 11 goals, forever impressed in his memory. Commenting directly as the precise motions were happening, by a Baggio, a Pelé, a Zidane, a Giresse or a Boli, Pierre-Louis Basse revives, in a very personal way, the magic, the surprise, the courage and the brio that make football so impressive.
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A writer and journalist, as well as a huge figure in sports journalism, (Europe 1, Canal +) Pierre-Louis Basse has also worked with Marianne and the Figaro. He is the author of around 10 books including Éric Cantona, un rêve modeste et fou (Robert Laffont, 1993), Guy Môquet, une enfance fusillée (Stock, 2005), Séville 82 France-Allemagne : le match du siècle (Stock, 2005) et Gagner à en mourir (Robert Laffont, 2012).
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