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Robert Laffont Bouquins NiL éditions Julliard Seghers
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Publication: November 2009
Format: 140 x 225 mm
Pages: 512
ISBN: 2-8411-1393-0

Rights sold

USA* (Palgrave Macmillan)
China (Yilin)
Arab World (Kalima)
Russia (Mejdunarodnye Otnoshenia )

*The US publisher will condense both volumes into one abridged version which can be used as the basis for other foreign editions

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Jacques CHIRAC
Volume 1
As the President of France for 12 years, and a public servant for five decades, Jacques Chirac is living history. As such, his memoirs shed light on the modern history of a nation, its people, and world relations.
Minister of Agriculture, Minister of the Interior, Prime Minister, Mayor of Paris, Prime Minister a second time, and then President...Chirac's political career is a veritable feat.After years of diplomacy and discretion, Chirac openly shares the details of his life in office and the moments that marked his career.
He talks about the politicians that influenced or inspired him - Charles de Gaulle, Georges Pompidou, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing. He explains his evolution from beginning as a member of the French Communist Party to ending up on top as the leader of the Right. In addition to the countless international relations he dealt with, Chirac writes about what arguably made him most famous around the world - his firm stance against George W. Bush over the war with Iraq. Regardless of the divided opinions the French had over their leader in general, he describes the pride of representing the rarely united voice of a nation.
With chapters about his childhood and family-life, Chirac's memoirs will render human a public figure so much larger-than-life.
More information in French
From the age of 30, Jacques Chirac entered George Pompidou's cabient. His political career begun: he alternated between, even combined different local and governmental posts. He founded the RPR movement in 1976 and was the Prime Minister of Giscard, and then François Mitterand. One voted President of the Republique in 1995 he was relected in 2002 for another five years.
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