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Robert Laffont Bouquins NiL éditions Julliard Seghers
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Publication: April 2014
Format: 1 x 205 mm
Pages: 266
ISBN: 2-8411-1667-0
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Pascale LEROY
Ce qui s'est vraiment passé le jour ou nos ancêtres de Néandertal ont rencontré nos aïeux Homo sapiens.
A hilarious novel on the habits and customs of our Neanderthal ancestors, confronted for the first time with Homo sapiens forbears... A mix of Roy Lewis's Pourquoi j'ai mangé mon père and Bridget Jones's Diary, Madame de Néandertal: A Diary is a light comedy, spirited and funny while being instructive. Marylène Patou-Mathis is a great specialist of the Neanderthal: combining a quixotic fantasy full of wickedness and great scientific rigor, this joyous novel teaches us everything about the quotidian life and behaviors of our distant ancestors – we have more points in common with them than we suspect, you'll see!
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A doctor of prehistoric times, research director at the CNRS, internationally known specialist in Neanderthal behaviour and the first modern European men , Marylène Patou-Mathis is the author of several books including Préhistoire de la violence et de la guerre (Odile Jacob, 2013), Le Sauvage et le préhistorique, miroir de l'Homme occidental (Odile Jacob, 2011), Mangeurs de viande, de la préhistoire à nos jours (Perrin, 2009), Néandertal, une autre humanité (Perrin, 2006).
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