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Robert Laffont Bouquins NiL éditions Julliard Seghers
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Publication: March 2015
Format: 1 x 215 mm
Pages: 270
ISBN: 2-221-15737-0
Robert Laffont
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Jérôme ATTAL
Populaire, décalé, poétique : le premier polar de Jérôme Attal !
Stéphane Caglia is not your ordinary cop. Always ready to whip out a witty remark like some would with their guns, he escapes the urban violence of his everyday life by taking refuge in the eighties (memories of a game show or popular series from TV or an awesome Michael Jackson clip...). Assisted by a young female English detective who hates the eighties, Stéphane will have to investigate the disappearance of a teen girl connected to a series of abominable murders: Tamara, age seventeen, who was posting covers of Beatles songs on YouTube. Will Stéphane succeed in solving the case with ?80s references like Corynne Charby, Valérie Kaprisky and Captain Harlock? A modern, funny, and imaginative literary work with a romantic theme.
More information in French
Jérôme Attal is the author of eight novels, including Monster Mayhem, Raging Madness, and The History of France Told by Aliens.
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