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Robert Laffont Bouquins NiL éditions Julliard Seghers
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Publication: November 2017
Format: 1 x 215 mm
Pages: 384
ISBN: 2-221-14457-0
Robert Laffont
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Illustré par
Jezebel Kern has everything: loving parents who care about her future, true musical talent, and a captivating voice. Nothing seems to be able to trouble her paradise. But when Hannah and Johann Kern die in a car accident, Jezebel discovers that no birth certificate exists in her name. Bit by bit, a terrible truth is revealed: she was kidnapped as a child. By whom? Why? And above all, where does her voice?as capable of enchantment as it is murder?come from? Jezebel must find answers through a quest that will challenge her beliefs and take her to the edge of the apocalypse.
More information in French
Under the mysterious pseudonym of Myra Eljundir hides the talented French author and screenwriter Ingrid Desjours. Her previous series for young adults, Kaleb, was a success from the first volume.
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